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Daman Games Withdrawal Problem Solution

Daman Games : While withdrawing your money which you have deposited, won in games or you have earned by commission, you may face certain problem of payment failure so here are some working methods which you can use to withdraw money successfully in your bank accounts. We have also discussed some of the reasons for money withdrawal problem.

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Daman Games withdrawal Problem 

Daman Games withdrawal Problem

While going through Daman Games app reviews we have noticed that many people have problem with Daman Games money withdrawal. People are complaining that money has not received in their bank accounts when the payment status is showing successful. Others face the problem of frequent payments failure or payment status is still pending.

Here are some of the reasons of the payment failure problem.

1) You might have entered wrong Bank Accounts or IFSC Code

2) You might have entered wrong transaction password.

3) You may be trying to withdraw money more frequently

4) Some time you have done everything well from your end but still things got failed then there might be technical error in that case wait.

If you have not got your money because of the above reasons then you need not to panic just follow below mentioned methods and we are pretty sure that you will get your money in bank account.

Daman Games withdrawal Problem Solution

Here is the step by step procedure of solving your money withdrawal problem forever. We assure you this method will definitely bring your money from Daman games to your bank account.

Step 1) Take the screen shot of the money failure or pending status

Step 2) Now save the screen shot of the payment

Step 3) Open your WhatsApp and send this screen shot to 917041654491 number

Step 4) Now Fill the contact us form of Daman games and briefly explain your problem in form

If you will complete the below task, you will surely get results in your favour.


After all Daman is software where technical glitch like payment failure may happen. You need to work smartly and do not lose hope. Just follow the above mention guidelines. Also we advice you do join Daman Telegram channel so that you can follow every update of Daman games. If you want to explore more about such apps which can let you generate huge amount of money just by playing games then you can consider MantriMall App, Fastwin APK, Yoswin Login

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