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Daman Games Recharge Process, Top Up Wallet

Daman Games Recharge Process : To play games and win money in Daman Casino app you need to have some money in your wallet. Although Daman Games provides welcome bonus to users so that they can play games and encourage themselves to play more and win big amounts. But for winning huge amount you need to put large sum of money in your daman games account.

Topping up your wallet in Daman Game is very easy process and you can easily deposit money in your wallet with full safety and security. Here we have briefly described how you can deposit money in your account. We have also discussed that what step you can take to if money has deducted from your account and you have not get that in your Daman game account.

Daman Game Recharge Process

First you need to login in Daman Game app your website whatever you feel comfortable you can chose that platform. After logging in your account follow below mentioned steps.

Step 1) Visit the home page of the Daman Game app/website

Step 2) Now click on deposit button

Daman games

Step 3) Now chose the payment method

Daman games login

Step 4) Now enter the amount of money you want to deposit

Step 5) Fill the amount you want to add to your daman games account

Step 6) Finally click on deposit button

Step 7) Complete the payment in your payment app

Step 8) Once payment is successful, return to daman games.

Daman Games Deposit Problem 

Sometimes people face the problem of money deducted from their account and not received in your daman wallet. so you can follow this method to get a valid solution. You can just take the screenshot of the successful payment.

proceed with following steps :

Step 1) Click on the account button from the bottom menu

Step 2) Now click on 24/7 Customer Service

Step 3) Now click on live chat button

Step 4) Now chose Recharge and withdrawals problems

Step 5) Enter your daman ID and click on start chat

Step 6) Briefly explain the problem to the agent and also provide him/her with screenshot of the payment

This thing will definitely help you to get your money back in your daman game wallet.


Recharging Daman Games account is easy process and anyone can complete it with little care. You can go through above article. Daman games involves financial risk so play here at your own risk. You can opt for alternative app which is Fiewin and same as Daman Games

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