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Crash100 app Download Latest Version & Get Rs.351

Crash100 is a gaming application it’s latest version is available you can download and get Rs. 351 instantly in your crash wallet. When you register on this application it gives you joining bonus of rupees 351. This app is popular in money making category. You can earn money by playing simple and interesting games on this application. In this article we have covered all the key details that are related to the the game. Here we have given link Crash100 app Download Latest Version & Get Rs.351. Sign Up on Winbuzz App and Play live IPL Betting.

In this game there is a rocket which crashes after launch. Users bid money before launch of the rocket and using their experience and guess they cash out the money before the rocket bang. If they could successfully cash out  the money before the bang they win the game otherwise they lose the game and hence they lose the money too that they invested during the bid. Download Crash 100 apk app in your phone to enjoy rocket bang game.

Crash 100 mod apk App 

This game is not available on the google play store because this is a betting based game and play store does not allow such games because of government policies. If you are interested in this game then you can download the crash 100 apk file the latest android version is now available on the internet. In this article we have given the guidance how  Crash100 app Download Latest Version & Get Rs.351

How to Download the crash 100 game

Download the crash 100 game is simple just visit the official website. After that follow the steps that are given below to install the application in your device.

1-Step: visit the official website. Click Here

2-Step: Enter the details as required to register on the website.

Recommendation code of Crash 100 app

3-Step: After registration login using the mobile number.

login crash100 app apk

4-Step: Click on the download button given in the button menu.

Login Crash 100 App

If you want to login on the app then you have first register on the website. If you have already done that then you can follow the steps given below to login in the crash 100 game application.

1-Step: Enter the mobile number and password.

2-Step: Click on the login button.

If you have forgotten the password then you can reset it by getting OTP on your registered mobile number. To reset the password follow the steps given below.

Step-1: Enter the mobile number and click on the OTP button.

Step-2: Enter the OTP and verify your number.

Step-3: Now you can set another password to use further login.

How to Play Crash 100 game ?

To play game you have to first recharge you wallet if there is already some amount in your wallet then you can start betting. In this you will get five seconds to enter the amount and click on the start button. The rocket will launch after 5 seconds as it goes high in the sky the money you have invested start multiplying but you have to cash out your money before the rocket bang. If you did not do that you will lose your money other wise you will earn the amount as the game was showing at the time of cash out.


Download Crash 100 app now the latest android version is available to increase game experience over the application. Play this game carefully because you may lose money too as your are winning.

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