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Daman Games Invite Code – v4NFF2173452

Daman Games Invite Code : Daman Game has promotional event where any registered user can promote this app and became Daman Games Agent. You can invite people using a link which is given to every user who sign up on the Daman Games App. In this article we will learn how you can get Daman Games Invite Code and how you can share it to get more and more number of referrals.

What is Daman Invite Code ?

Daman Invite Code

Daman Invite Code is 12 digit code which consist of numbers and letters. This is unique inviter code which is different for different people. Daman Game invite code last digits are inviter id. When someone sign up, if he or she uses your Invite code you, he or she will be your invitee and you will get commission and rewards for that.

Invite Code – v4NFF2173452

You can easily get your Invite code in Daman games if you are unable to find it, we have explained it below briefly so that you can get your Daman Invite Code.

Benefits of Daman Invite Code

Before everything else you must know what are the benefits of Daman Invite Code. Daman game is very much popular among people who wants to play games and earn money. To promote this app more, Daman Developers have launched Refer and Earn method in Daman game. It means that without playing games, you can still earn huge money from Daman game.

You just need to share this app with your friends and family members and when the will register on Daman Games using your link, you will get commission. You will invite people using Daman Invite Code. Daman Invite Code is required when someone signup using your link.

How to Get Daman Invite Code ?

In order to share Daman Game with others, you need to have Daman Invite Code. below are some required steps to get your Daman Invite Code.

Step 1) Login to your Daman Account

Step 2) Now click on the Promotion tab from bottom menu

Step 3) Now you will see invite link or invite code on this page.

Step 4) Copy the code from the page

Step 5) Share this app with your friends.

How to Use Daman Invite Code ?

You must know what is the use of Daman Code then only you can use it beneficial way and inform your invitee how he can use it. We have tried to explain it using below image.

Here you can see the picture of registration window. When you share the app link with your friends ask them to enter the Invite code in the section shows above. Please share the code in exact manner. You can chose the alternative app for playing online game – Okwin, fastest. reliable and authentic.


This article was published to make you explain about the fact that playing games is not only a medium of earning money from Daman games, you can even earn huge amount of money by sharing this app with your friends and for that you need to have invite code and you should know how to use it. We have covered all the facts in this article about Daman Invite Code. Please read it twice if you are unable to get it. Still having doubts you can contact us.

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