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Daman Games

Daman Games is Online Casino Platform where people bet money on different games which are based on skills and guess work prediction and win huge amount of money daily. More than 1 Million People actively plays game whereas Daman Games has 10 Million Registered Users. Get the latest app from below button and start earning now.

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Daman Games Register

You need to sign up in Daman Games before you can use it. You just need a mobile number which is not registered before and One Time password which is required to validate your Phone Number. When you will sign up with below link, you will get Rs 500 Joining Bonus to play Games. Use “v4NFF2173452” as recommendation code.

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Daman Games App

Daman Games app is the latest daman casino app where you can play any game which you are currently playing on Daman Games website. This app is highly secure and easy to use by any beginner. In comparison to daman games website, you will find more feature on Daman Game Mobile App. In addition to that Daman Games official website keeps on changing it’s domain name like – damangames.com, damanclub.in, damanclub.net and this change may confuse you to chose official website. Daman Games android app solves this problem and you need not to download app time and again. 

You will not find this app on Play store or App Store, instead of that you can download it from this website and install it in your device. 

Daman Games APK Download

Daman has a site where you can login your Daman Account and play games. But Daman Games also has an android application which provides better and easier user interface than webpage. You can download it’s APK Version and install it in your device. Daman Games involves money so you can’t find it on Play Store. Use below button to download it’s latest APK Version.

Daman Games APK

Daman Games Login

After successful Sign UP, you will get your ID and Password. Your phone number will be used as your Daman ID and Password will be same as you chose while Registration. As there are other various sites similar to Daman, so you might get confused while logging in your account. So below we have provided direct login link to Daman Games account. 


Daman Games Mod APK

Daman Games have games which involves color prediction and guess work based on luck factor. So people search for the modified version of the Daman Games so that they can apply their tricks to win these games every singe time.

But let us inform our dear users that Daman Games do not have any modified version and while searching for that may end up getting other APK. So please do not involve in any such mal-practice. If found guilty Daman Games have all rights to suspend your account completely. 

Daman Games Refer Code

When you are promoting Daman Games App you need to share your Refer Code with your friend so that he can use that code while registration. If someone use your Refer Code, you will get commission when he or she will play games. You can get your Refer Code in Daman Games from the promotion tab and share it with anyone who wants to register in Daman games. If you want Rs 500 Joining Bonus then you can use below Refer Code. 

Refer Code – v4NFF2173452

Daman Games Gift Code

Daman Games provide Free Gift Code to it’s users daily which needs to redeemed. Users get Gift Codes of different prize money so that they can play games with gift prize. To redeem Your Gift Code, you move to Center from Bottom menu and Enter your Gift Code and Click on Redeem Code Button. After this process Gift Prize will be added to your account. 

To get daily free Gift Codes, you can join Daman Games Telegram Group so that you can Daman Updates daily. Here are some of the Daman Gift Code for you :- 


Daman Games Customer Care Number

Daman Games most adorable feature is it’s customer support which available for 24*7 helpings their needy customers. In case you face any obstacles in Using App or website like Login Problem, Money Deposit Problem, Withdrawal Problem or any other issue you are facing you can contact Daman Games Customer Care for this. You can contact them on Telegram or you can even have live chat else you can contact them on WhatsApp. One more option you may chose is to fill the contact form. 

TelegramJoin Group
Live ChatChat Now
Contact FormContact Us

Daman Games APK Features

There are multiple apps like Daman exist online which provides people to play color prediction games and earn lot of money but Daman Games has some specific features which makes it better than other such applications. We have listed all the notable features of the Daman Games below, we request you to consider these before downloading Daman Games APK.

  • Daman Games provide faster and secure money deposits and withdrawals.
  • Daman Games has easy registration process
  • Daman Games App has Refer and Earn method so you can earn money without even playing games.
  • Daman Games has user friendly interface that provides an ease in playing games.
  • You can find wide variety of games in Daman so that player can chose from them as per their interests
  • Daman is most trusted and credible application
  • It also provides free gifts to it’s users
  • Daman Games has Fabulous customer service which helps users instantly

About Daman Games App

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Name Daman Games
Ratings 4.4 Stars
Total Downloads500K
Sign Up LinkRegister Now
Referral Codev4NFF2173452
Total Active Users300K
Download LinkDownload Daman Games
App CategoryFinance
Age5 Years
Similar AppYoswin APK

What is Daman Games ?

Daman Games is online medium of playing games by bidding on them and if users win the games, he got double or triple the amount he or she bid which is based on Game Play. Basically you can consider it as investing site where people invest their skills and intelligence to earn money. Games available on Daman are interesting and easy to play by anyone. 

Most of the games are based on luck factor and guess work but if you analyze them properly, you will notice that you can win these games easily. So in nut shell Daman Games is suitable and appropriate medium of earning money with less skills. If your luck favors you, then you can win good amount of money in it.

Daman Games क्या है ? 

Daman Games उन पर बोली लगाकर गेम खेलने का ऑनलाइन माध्यम है और यदि उपयोगकर्ता गेम जीतता है, तो उसे बोली की राशि दोगुनी या तिगुनी मिलती है जो गेम प्ले पर आधारित होती है। मूल रूप से आप इसे निवेश साइट के रूप में मान सकते हैं जहां लोग पैसा कमाने के लिए अपने कौशल और बुद्धि का निवेश करते हैं। दमन पर उपलब्ध गेम दिलचस्प हैं और किसी के लिए भी खेलना आसान है।

अधिकांश खेल भाग्य कारक और अनुमान पर आधारित होते हैं लेकिन यदि आप उनका ठीक से विश्लेषण करते हैं, तो आप देखेंगे कि आप इन खेलों को आसानी से जीत सकते हैं। तो संक्षेप में Daman Games कम कौशल के साथ पैसा कमाने का उपयुक्त और उचित माध्यम है। अगर आपकी किस्मत ने आपका साथ दिया तो आप इसमें अच्छी खासी रकम जीत सकते हैं।

How to Register in Daman Games ?

Now you know how you can earn money using Daman Games Easily and that’s without skills. So you must act smartly and register in daman games. This registration is quite simple and easy. You only need a active phone number. No documents and other things are required for this purpose. You are requested to follow these simple guidelines to register in Daman Games.

Step 1) Visit the official website of Daman GamesDamanclub.games

Daman Games Register

Step 2) Now Enter your Mobile Number, Password of your choice

Step 3) Now put recommendation code (Referral Code)

Step 4) Click on Check box to accept terms and conditions.

Step 5) You are registered user of Daman Games.

How to Download Daman Games APK ?

You can register on Daman Games on it’s official website and play games. But Daman Games also has it’s Android Application for better use and user experience. Daman Games is not available on Google Play store or iOS Store as it violates policies to be included in Play Store. So you need to download it’s APK version first and install it in your device. 

Download APK

Here are easy steps to download this game in your device. 

Step 1) After Registration Go to the Login Page or You can directly click on Login Link.

Step 2) Now on the Home Page of website, Click on the Download Icon. ( Shown in Image)

Daman Games

Step 3) Daman Games APK File will be download in your phone

Step 4) Now Click on the File, it will show a warning message regarding harmful content, just ignore the message and Install It.

Step 5) Once the Installation is complete, Login again in your account and Use App.

Daman Games Gifts Code

Daman games has a program of refer and earn money in which any registered member can share the app with other people and invite them to play games at Daman games. This leads to huge amount of commission which is directly received in users wallet. Along with commission, Daman games agents also get gifts for which they gets codes which needs to be redeemed. 

Here is the apt procedure to get Daman Games gifts:

First you need to register on Daman games and start promoting daman app by sharing with other people. One of the Daman official will contact you and ask to be daman game promoting agent. Be a agent to earn money from Daman app without playing games on it.

Step 1) You will receive gifts code on your WhatsApp number

Step 2) Copy those codes one by one

Step 3) Now open your daman game app or website

Step 4) Now click on account section in bottom menu and click on Gifts button as shown below

Daman Gift

Step 5) Now paste that code in give place and click on Receive button

Step 6) Gift amount will be credited to your account.

How to Earn Money from Daman Games ?

Now a days there are many opportunities where people are earning thousands of money by affiliate marketing, blogging and other means which requires skills and talent. But if you are not skillful or less educated then Daman Games is best suitable alternative which can give you lots of money without much of hard work.

Here are some working and applied methods which you can also follow in your daily life to earn money using daman games.

1) By Playing Games : This is primary source of earning money from Daman Games. You can play any game of your choice and bid money on it. However these games are based on luck factor still you can use some tips and tricks to increase your chance of winning. Games like Ludo or Chess involves skills, you can show your skills in such games and win money. 

Playing games may involve financial risk, so we advice you to keep your biding amount low, initially and later you can increase it as per your confidence and consistency.

2) By Refer and Earn : This method does not involve financial risk or game play but you need to do hard work and share this Daman Games Application with your friend. When your friend register on it, you will get commission. This is lifetime earning method with little hard work. This is one of the safest method of earning money with 0 risk. 

You can use your social media handles to promote this game. You will get more commission if you share this app with more friends.

How to Deposit Money in Daman Games?

As we have already discussed that in Daman Games, you invest money in different games and for that you need to have some money in your account. So after registration, your first step should be adding some funds in your account so that you can play some games and earn money. Before sharing your recharge process let us inform you that, adding funds in Daman Games is 100 percent secure and reliable.

Follow below process to top up your account:-

Step 1) Login to your Daman Games Account

Step 2) Now Click On the Wallet Button

Daman Games Download

Step 3) Now you have to chose Recharge Option

Daman Club Games

Step 4) Chose Payment Method as per your convenience

Daman Games Recharge

Step 5) Now Enter the Amount of Money you want to Add in your account and Click on Recharge Button.

Daman Games Win Money

Step 7)  You can see the UPI ID or QR Code, scan it and pay the amount. 

Daman Games APK Download

Step 8) When your payment is completed you will redirected to your Daman Games Account

Note: Funds you have added will reflect in your balance after few minutes. We recommend you to contact Daman Games support system if funds are not added to your account.

How to Withdraw Money in Daman Games ?

Now you know how to download Daman Games, Register and Adding funds to Daman. After playing games, you will win these games and some amount of money. So now you want to withdraw that winning amount in your bank account. Daman Games provides faster and easier bank withdrawals. If you are facing any issue please follow below mentioned steps to withdraw your money. 

Step 1) On the home page of app, click on the wallet option

Daman Games Download

Step 2) Now chose withdraw option

Daman Games Money Withdraw

Step 3) Now add your bank details – Bank Account, IFSC Code and Account Holder Name

Daman Games Hack Mod APK

Step 4) Now Enter the Amount you want to withdraw, Password and Click on Withdraw Button

Daman Games Club

After completing the above process just wait for 30 minutes or half an hour to money be credited to your bank account. In case you didn’t receive the amount, you can just contact customer care or you can also send the screen shot to Daman Games WhatsApp Number which we have mentioned above. You can also check regularly your withdraw records.

How to Get Daman Free Gifts?

Daman provides free gift codes to it’s users daily so that in lack of funds, they can play games. You can get these free gifts on Daman Official Telegram Channel which you can join and get regular updates. Here is the brief process how you can claim free gifts.

Step 1) Visit the Center Option available on Home Page.


Step 2) Now click on Gift Code Button

Daman Games Download App

Step 3) Now Enter the Gift Code and Click On Submit Button

Daman Games App

Step 4) If your gift code is valid, money will be credited to your account.

Daman Games Refer and Earn

You know it very well that you can play games and earn money in Daman Games but lets us inform you that with Daman Games Refer and Earn program you can earn money without even playing games. For that you have to share this application with your friend and once that friend register on Daman with your Referral Link, he or she will be counted as one of your invitee and you will get commission when he will play games and deposits money in his Daman games account. Yoswin App similar to Daman Games provides Refer and Earn opportunities. 

This program is started by Daman Games so that lot of people can download daman games and earn money. Here is the process by which you promote this app with other and earn real cash which can be withdrawn in your bank accounts.

Step 1) On Home Page of the App, Go to Promotion Tab

Daman Games Refer and Earn

Step 2) Click on  “Copy Link” or “Copy Invitation Code

Step 3) Share this link with your friend

Step 4) If someone register with your link, you will see the Data in Promotion Tab.

Daman Games Earning Proof

Daman Games is real and authentic source of earning money by playing  games and other methods like promoting Daman Games to other people and getting huge amount of commission and other rewards like Jewellery and BMW cars. But earning money by playing games regularly is the main source of income from Daman Games.

Here we are sharing some screenshots of the income proof and withdrawal proof of the money which we have credited in our bank accounts. These proofs are shared only as motivational and authentic subject and we do not advice you to get attracted to Daman Games on the basis of these pictures.

Daman Games Earning Proof

Daman Games Earning Proof

Daman Withdarwal Problem & Solution

Many people who plays Daman Games are facing issues where money withdrawal problem is encountered very frequently which may force user to feel that Daman Games is fake and cheat it’s users who work hard to play games and manage to earn some amount. But let us make you aware and satisfy that Payment failure is just a technical problem and this can be solved easily. 

Daman Games Money Withdraw

Here we have discussed some problems which are faced by users and valid solution for such problems.

  • Frequently Payment Failure
  • Money Not Received in Bank Accounts
  • Bank Account is not Added 
  • Transaction password is wrong
  • Transfer status is shown as processing

Solutions for Money Withdrawal Problem :-

  • Please check your bank account which you have added in Daman Games
  • Enter Correct Transaction Password while withdrawal
  • You are allowed to withdraw 3 times a day also we suggest you to withdraw money only once in a day.
  • If your withdrawal  status is shown as Success and money has not received in your Bank Account then take the screen shot of the payment status and Sent it to 917041654491 WhatsApp Number. We assure you to get a valid solution. 


Q. Is Daman Games Real or Fake ?

Daman games is 100% real medium of earning money. This Application is very secure and trustworthy for users. You can win real Paytm cash and this application is legal as per the Govt of India guidelines. 

Q. What is Daman Game ?

Daman Games is online platform of earning money like Fiewin, Fastwin, Mantrimall and Yoswin App. You can bid money on different color prediction games. 

Q. What is Daman WhatsApp Number ?

If you have any problem with Game or you are facing issue in withdrawing your money then you can contact Daman Games on WhatsApp Number – 917041654491

Q. How Many games are present in Daman ?

There are total 8 categories of games present in Daman Gaming App. These categories further contain lots of games. These categories involve – Lotto, Pilot, Fishing, Slots, Rummy, Casino Sports and Hot. 

Q. What is Daman Games Referral Link ? 

Share this referral link with your friends and earn money – Promotion Link

Q. Is Daman Games Legal in India ?

As we know Daman Games is investing website but it may be considered as betting site. But betting websites are legal in India so as of now Daman Games is completely legal and authentic as well as trusted platform.

Q. What is the recommendation code for Daman Games ?

Daman Games registration need a Recommendation code so here is the recommendation code you can put it while Daman Games Sign Up – v4NFF2173452

Q. Is Daman Platform safe ? 

Daman Games is most trusted and secure platform. Your money is secure with Daman Games and you can withdraw it anytime. This platform is 5 years old and most of the people blindly trust it.